The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts for the Spirits Connoisseur


Let dad – or the dad in your life – know that you appreciate him and everything he’s done for you by gifting him with two of the world’s most extraordinary whiskies this upcoming Father’s Day.


Dad may have everything he needs, but Buchanan’s Special Reserve and Johnnie Walker Blue Label are two gifts that he wants – whiskies that are as exceptional and distinctive as he is.


Buchanan’s Special Reserve

One of Buchanan’s most exclusive blends, Special Reserve, is a complex blend of 15 unique whiskies that have been aged for a minimum of 18 years in European Sherry Oak casks. These casks reflect a fruit and rounded character with rich dark chocolate notes that conclude with a sweet finish and the subtleness of bananas and nuts. Suggested Retail Price – $75 (750ml)

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the rarest and most exclusive blend from the House of Walker. It is created from the hand-selected casks of some of the scarcest whiskies, many from distilleries that are no longer in existence. Its bold, multi-layered palate of fruits, nuts, spices, and chocolate culminate with a lingering, yet balanced finish. You can make this special gift even more unique with a personalized inscription that you can order here. Suggested Retail Price – $225 (750 ml)

Not only do these whiskies help celebrate the dad in your life and show him how you really feel, but he will likely thank you by sharing a glass with you on this special holiday.

Let’s raise a glass to all the amazing father figures we’ll be honoring this coming Father’s Day!

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