Hop into Spring with a Splash of Color with Funktional Wearables


This spring, make sure your fitness tracker doesn’t interfere with your sense of style. Transform any type of fitness tracker with chic, colorful designs from FunktionalWearables. With this gorgeous gear wrapped around your wrist, you’ll always look amazing; from crushing the competition at the gym, to all through the workweek and weekend.

Funktional Wearables, one of the first companies to introduce accessories for Fitbits, leads the way in protecting and enhancing almost any type of fitness tracker with a splash of style.  Not only that, they will help you reach your daily goals while staying on budget too!



Funktional Wearables offers many pieces designed to work for the current best selling fitness trackers in the US, the Fitbit® Flex 2 and Charge 2. They also offer dozens of other pieces designed to work with the Fitbit® Flex™, Fitbit® Force™, Garmin® Vivofit™, Garmin® Vivofit™ 2, Misfit® Shine™, Misfit® Flash™, Jawbone® UpMove™ and nearly all the other current top-selling fitness trackers.

I am in love with this accessory for my FitBit Charge 2, from simple to chic in a second ;). They are affordable and beautiful.

Funktional Wearables can be purchased directly at www.funktionalwearables.com or from Amazon, eBay, Opensky, Jet.com and from select boutiques nationwide.

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