“Only The Brave” fighting mother nature!


“This is a story about everyday heroes,” says Josh Brolin, who stars in Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the firefighters who did what no other local city fire crew had ever done before making headlines as they battled the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire.  Going deeper behind the story into the lives of the firefighters themselves, the film focuses on the everyday lives of the men who – each for his own reasons – would rise to protect us all.

“In an age of superheroes, Only the Brave is a film about real heroes,” adds director Joseph Kosinski.  “It explores notions of brotherhood, sacrifice, redemption, all set in the world of wildfire – something I haven’t seen in the cinema before.  It’s a story that needs to be told and a world that should be seen on a big screen.”

“What draws men to fire?  What makes these guys want to do this?” says producer Trent Luckinbill.  “These guys are risking their lives every day to save others, to save communities, to save people’s ways of life, and this story gets under the hood of why they do what they do.  It’s about who they are and the brotherhood of the crew.”

These 20 men are all very different, but share a bond, according to Luckinbill.  “The story focuses on the personal level – how teams like these are formed, how those friendships are made,” he says. “You need that brotherhood; you need that trust, that respect for each other, to fight these fires.  That necessary reliance on each other resonates in a way that military stories do.”


Jennifer Connelly

You will get a close-up look to see these soldiers fighting a different kind of enemy MOTHER NATURE. An enemy that is so unpredictable that not only put them in a massive danger it also can have a toll on their families. Is authentic, is real, you are going to laugh and cry. A lot of emotions you feel while you watch these movies. 5 out of 5

Josh Brolin

As a prior volunteer firefighter, this draw you to make this film?

“No it didn’t, but  I follow this kind of stuff. These guys create lines and techniques in order to protect their communities. When it comes to this first responders and firefighters, they put themselves in massive danger to put protect your home. I have a huge amount of respect them and me what I love about this movie is that it deals with everyday life, is a sacrifice it so much involved. They leave their homes, leaving their families and children’s to protect you.”

Did you get the chance to meet Amanda Marsh (Eric’s wife) how was meeting her?

“She is a like a big sister to me. How they accept me, it was harsh at first, which I accepted. There was a pint on the film that I want to get out because I’m a human being and I emotionally affected by, and I question myself I want to do this.”

What do you expect the audience get from this film?

I think on the surface level is very informative, is like for people that don’t know what firefighters really don’t know what exactly they do. I think it humanizes you, is a warm story, you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry and you will see the type of life they have.


Miles Teller

You are blond in this film, tell me about your transformation.

I have a lot of sympathy for women now. It was excruciating, it was itching is hard. It took a long time to dye their back again. And I have to do some appearances and still have the blond hair and people thought I was Eminem, and people saying things on the internet, internet is bad”

You play Branden, did he was present on set and gave you pointers?

Branden, yes was on set, he was telling me some stuff about himself. But sometimes people are not the best source about themselves. And when you talk to their friends and family they will give you a different perspective.

Your fiancé, what she thought about the movie?

She likes it when we start dating, after a week she didn’t know I was an actor, she saw “21 And Over” and send me a picture and she was like you are pretty funny. She saw Project X and other ones, she likes me on taking on this types of stories and the one she knows they are tough on me, especially this one that means something and you can tell how much it meant for all of us. For the community and families, you know that’s what really is about. Is not about E-news or twitter followers”

James Badge Dale

You play a lot of roles of uniform, what do you think it sort of separated this role from the rest?

I played a lot of bad guys, this film is very special to me. The week of the Yarnell fire, I was on the subway in New York reading a two pages article on this guys. Fernandez Santos who wrote the article. The first half of the article is what it takes to be part of the Tier 1 Hotshots crew. The difference between Tier 2 and Tier 1, how hard these guys work, what it meant to be the first crew from a city and not from a federal agency or state. And it was about they stuck together to the end. It was something deeply important in this story treat that deserves to be told. This movie is a celebration of life”

This film seems so authentic in the techniques used by you and colleagues, can you elaborate on what you learn?

We got four former Granite Mountain hotshots trainers, these guys were all friends with these guys. They train us fiscally, technically; but also there was another side. We have a lot of fun at work, this our attitude, this the way do it, we love you to have the same attitude.

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