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Wonder Women

Lately we are seeing a lot of male superheroes coming to the big screen and is about damn time that we have a female superhero on the big screen. Clearly she swept them away, not to sound feminist but lets be real it gets boring seeing the same superheroes with different stories with better effects every year.

Wonder Women is fierce, sexy, is courage, is love. One of the best superhero movies I have since in the last couple of years, can’t  wait to see more of Wonder Women. And btw GAL GADOT se la comio haciendo el papel de Wonder Women, su manera de exprecion en la cara, definitamente no tenia que hablar para saber que queria, sus ojos matadores!!

4.5 out of 5

Arlene Martinez

Wonder Womentells the tale of Diana play by GAL GADOT, daughter of Themyscira. Hailing from the world of Amazons, Diana has been getting ready for fight her complete life. But to come to be a real warrior, an arsenal like no differentonto the most harrowing battlefield. She is strong and kind, exciting and stylish, powerful and just as ferocious as the guys.

At the point when a man, the first Diana has ever seen, he opens her eyes to the bigger world outside of her protected island, an endeavor he starts very coincidentally, by slamming off Themysciras shores. From the minute they meet, there is a start, and the way their romantic tale unfurls is dazzling and one of a kind. They require each other, they gain from each other, and theyre equivalents. Diana leaves her home, to stop the war killing Ludendorff which is what she believes. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powersand her true destiny.

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