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“Only The Brave” fighting mother nature!


“This is a story about everyday heroes,” says Josh Brolin, who stars in Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the firefighters who did what no other local city fire crew had ever done before making headlines as they battled the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire.  Going deeper behind the story into the lives of the firefighters themselves, the film focuses on the everyday lives of the men who – each for his own reasons – would rise to protect us all.

“In an age of superheroes, Only the Brave is a film about real heroes,” adds director Joseph Kosinski.  “It explores notions of brotherhood, sacrifice, redemption, all set in the world of wildfire – something I haven’t seen in the cinema before.  It’s a story that needs to be told and a world that should be seen on a big screen.”

“What draws men to fire?  What makes these guys want to do this?” says producer Trent Luckinbill.  “These guys are risking their lives every day to save others, to save communities, to save people’s ways of life, and this story gets under the hood of why they do what they do.  It’s about who they are and the brotherhood of the crew.”

These 20 men are all very different, but share a bond, according to Luckinbill.  “The story focuses on the personal level – how teams like these are formed, how those friendships are made,” he says. “You need that brotherhood; you need that trust, that respect for each other, to fight these fires.  That necessary reliance on each other resonates in a way that military stories do.”


Jennifer Connelly

You will get a close-up look to see these soldiers fighting a different kind of enemy MOTHER NATURE. An enemy that is so unpredictable that not only put them in a massive danger it also can have a toll on their families. Is authentic, is real, you are going to laugh and cry. A lot of emotions you feel while you watch these movies. 5 out of 5

Josh Brolin

As a prior volunteer firefighter, this draw you to make this film?

“No it didn’t, but  I follow this kind of stuff. These guys create lines and techniques in order to protect their communities. When it comes to this first responders and firefighters, they put themselves in massive danger to put protect your home. I have a huge amount of respect them and me what I love about this movie is that it deals with everyday life, is a sacrifice it so much involved. They leave their homes, leaving their families and children’s to protect you.”

Did you get the chance to meet Amanda Marsh (Eric’s wife) how was meeting her?

“She is a like a big sister to me. How they accept me, it was harsh at first, which I accepted. There was a pint on the film that I want to get out because I’m a human being and I emotionally affected by, and I question myself I want to do this.”

What do you expect the audience get from this film?

I think on the surface level is very informative, is like for people that don’t know what firefighters really don’t know what exactly they do. I think it humanizes you, is a warm story, you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry and you will see the type of life they have.


Miles Teller

You are blond in this film, tell me about your transformation.

I have a lot of sympathy for women now. It was excruciating, it was itching is hard. It took a long time to dye their back again. And I have to do some appearances and still have the blond hair and people thought I was Eminem, and people saying things on the internet, internet is bad”

You play Branden, did he was present on set and gave you pointers?

Branden, yes was on set, he was telling me some stuff about himself. But sometimes people are not the best source about themselves. And when you talk to their friends and family they will give you a different perspective.

Your fiancé, what she thought about the movie?

She likes it when we start dating, after a week she didn’t know I was an actor, she saw “21 And Over” and send me a picture and she was like you are pretty funny. She saw Project X and other ones, she likes me on taking on this types of stories and the one she knows they are tough on me, especially this one that means something and you can tell how much it meant for all of us. For the community and families, you know that’s what really is about. Is not about E-news or twitter followers”

James Badge Dale

You play a lot of roles of uniform, what do you think it sort of separated this role from the rest?

I played a lot of bad guys, this film is very special to me. The week of the Yarnell fire, I was on the subway in New York reading a two pages article on this guys. Fernandez Santos who wrote the article. The first half of the article is what it takes to be part of the Tier 1 Hotshots crew. The difference between Tier 2 and Tier 1, how hard these guys work, what it meant to be the first crew from a city and not from a federal agency or state. And it was about they stuck together to the end. It was something deeply important in this story treat that deserves to be told. This movie is a celebration of life”

This film seems so authentic in the techniques used by you and colleagues, can you elaborate on what you learn?

We got four former Granite Mountain hotshots trainers, these guys were all friends with these guys. They train us fiscally, technically; but also there was another side. We have a lot of fun at work, this our attitude, this the way do it, we love you to have the same attitude.

Panda Express organiza su primera feria de empleo a nivel nacional el 18 de octubre


Panda Express, el restaurante de comida china favorito de Estados Unidos, organiza su primer Panda Career Day (feria de empleo) nacional este 18 de octubre; y entrevistará a candidatos en más de 170 ubicaciones de Panda Express en Estados Unidos y Canadá ofreciendo oportunidades profesionales en varios niveles, desde equipos de servicio en restaurante hasta puestos directivos y corporativos. Los candidatos deberán registrarse en para ver los lugares y horarios más cercanos disponibles. En el sitio también podrán ver todos los puestos disponibles, sueldos y beneficios de la empresa.

Esta feria del empleo inaugural de Panda Express desea conectar a personas que quieren mejorar sus vidas con oportunidades profesionales de empleo en una empresa familiar y orientada a la familia que está comprometida a ser un líder mundial en el desarrollo profesional de sus trabajadores. Panda Express abrirá su ubicación número 2000 este año y continúa expandiéndose nacional e internacionalmente, abriendo cerca de 125 restaurantes nuevos por año.

Panda Express cree que quienes trabajan duro deben tener una trayectoria laboral bien definida y lucrativa, por eso invierte recursos en ayudar a que sus empleados se desarrollen y avancen a niveles superiores a través de asesorías y tutorías personales. Esto hizo que varias publicaciones otorgaran a Panda Express el reconocimiento de Top Work Place (Mejor Lugar de Trabajo).

Se les ofrece a los empleados beneficios integrales y adicionales que les ayudan a prosperar en todos los aspectos de sus vidas, incluyendo:

Sueldo base competitivo, bonos y licencia con goce de sueldo (PTO). Sueldos competitivos en la industria para todos los puestos, así como bonos y licencias con goce de sueldo para todos los empleados.

Beneficios médicos y de bienestar. Seguro médico, en el cual Panda Express cubre el 80 % de las primas de los empleados y el 50 % de las de los dependientes que llenen requisitos.

Opciones de ahorros y compra de acciones. Opciones para la compra de acciones y cuentas de ahorro 401(k) para empleados elegibles (donde Panda Express aporta hasta el 4 %).

Aprendizaje continuo. Un estipendio anual de $400 para oportunidades de educación continua para empleados calificados; así como becas que cubren hasta el 60 % de la colegiatura (hasta un máximo de $2,000 anuales).

Beneficios adicionales. Descuentos en parques temáticos, entradas al cine, teléfonos celulares, membresías en gimnasios, restaurantes del Panda Restaurant Group y más.

Fundada en 1983, por Andrew y Peggy Cherng, Panda Express es el restaurante familiar más grande en los Estados Unidos. Inspirada en la experiencia de vida como inmigrantes chino-americanos y en la visión orientada hacia metas concretas de sus fundadores, Panda Express fomenta en todos sus empleados la cultura de “las personas son lo más importante” y los anima a participar en las posibilidades de crecimiento que se ofrecen.

Leonard Yip, director de personal de Panda Restaurant Group dijo:

“Las carreras en la industria restaurantera son un motor importante del crecimiento de nuestra economía. Panda Express está orgulloso de ser el empleador preferido dentro de esta rama y de ser una empresa familiar y orientada a la familia que apoya el crecimiento integral de sus empleados. En Panda Express, creemos que las personas son lo más importante y nuestro paquete integral de beneficios, enfocado en el desarrollo personal y profesional, es un ingrediente muy importante para que nuestros empleados tengan una exitosa carrera en Panda Express.”


Acerca de Panda Express

Panda Express, el restaurante de comida china favorito de Estados Unidos, es conocido por su amplia variedad de recetas originales como su Original Orange Chicken™, SweetFire Chicken Breast®, su galardonado Honey Walnut Shrimp™ y el Shanghai Angus Steak™. Fundada en 1983 y ahora con más de 1900 restaurantes a lo largo de los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico, Guam, Guatemala, Canadá, México, Dubai, Arabia Saudita, Corea y Japón, Panda Express es parte del Panda Restaurant Group, una empresa familiar y líder mundial en restaurantes asiáticos, que también incluyen al Panda Inn y al Hibachi-San. Para obtener más información, visite, o síganos en FacebookTwitter o Instagram.




Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez announced today that more than $35 million has been pledged collectively so far in connection with the Oct 14 special benefit concert telecast “ONE VOICE: SOMOS LIVE! A CONCERT FOR DISASTER RELIEF,” which featured some of the biggest superstars in the entertainment world and aired on dozens of networks including NBC, Telemundo, Univision and Viacom channels.

Somos Una Voz, the alliance of artists behind the concert/telecast, is still gratefully accepting donations that can be made online at (English) or (Spanish) or by texting SOMOS to 50555.

Marc Anthony, Camila, Gente De Zona, Nicky Jam, Dj Khaled, Magic!, Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, Alejandro Sanz,  and Daddy Yankee performed live from a sold-out Marlins Park in Miami, while Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, Ricky Martin, Maxwell, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Mary J. Blige and Andra Day performed from an NBC soundstage in Los Angeles.

“ONE VOICE: SOMOS LIVE!” aired in Spanish on Telemundo and Univision, the first time in history that the two leading Spanish language networks have come together to simulcast programming.  America TV, Azteca America Network, Bloomberg Television, Canal 1, 940 WINZ, Centroamerica TV, Cine Latino, Hero Broadcasting, Meruelo Media, NBC Pasiones, Prime Time Partners, Television Dominicana, Univision Radio and MTV Latin America, VH1 Mexico, VH1 Argentina and TR3S also aired the first two hours of the telecast, from 8 pm – 10 pm ET/PT.

NBC along with MTV, MTV2, MTVU, MTV CLASSIC, MTV LIVE, LOGO, VH1, VH1 Caribbean, BET, BET CANADA, BET CARIBBEAN and NICK at NITE joined in the third hour to broadcast in English at 10 pm ET/PT, with  UniMás simulcasting the 10 pm hour with Spanish voice-over.

Additionally, the benefit concert was streamed live on Facebook, where fans could contribute using donate buttons in Facebook Live, and YouTube.  During the telecast #SomosUnaVoz trended on Twitter both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Lauren Ash, Miguel Cabrera, Ciara, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ted Danson, Ellen DeGeneres, Benicio Del Toro, Leonardo Dicaprio, Vin Diesel, Howie Dorough, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Jimmy Fallon, E-Flat, Ben Feldman, Fifth Harmony, Justin Hartley, Jamie Foxx, Bethenny Frankel, Selena Gomez, Jessie Graff, Seth Green, Derek Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Jose Iglesias, John Leguizamo, Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Justice, Heidi Klum, Vincent Laresca, Jared Leto,  Leona Lewis, Gabriel Mann, Andrea Martin, Maxwell, Eric McCormack, Mark Mckinney, Debra Messing, Motiff, Nas, Petra Nemcova, Tyler Perry, Nicole Richie, Gina Rodriguez, Ruby Rose, Zoe Saldana, Aníbal Sánchez, Nico Santos, Ryan Seacrest, Jada Pinkett Smith, Joan Smalls, Jimmy Smits, Mary Steenburgen, Talia, Justin Timberlake, Wilmer Valderrama, Marlon Wayans, Jesse Williams, Susan Kelechi Watson and Russell Wilson also participated in the telecast.

Under the banner of Somos Una Voz“ONE VOICE: SOMOS LIVE!” has helped provide food, shelter, medicine, power and communications to the areas affected by the recent unprecedented devastation from natural disasters throughout the southern United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other affected areas in the Caribbean.  SOMOS UNA VOZ is a charitable service fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) organization.

Funds raised from the telethon will benefit the following organizations, among others: Popular Community Bank Foundation, Center for Popular Democracy – Hurricane Maria Community Fund, Feeding America, Hispanic Federation – UNIDOS Fund, Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, Unidos por Puerto Rico, United Way, UNICEF and the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI). 

Major donors acknowledged during the telecast included: the Carnival Corporation, Hal Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees, Commissioner Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball, The Miami Heat, The Hand In Hand Hurricane Relief Fund, Ken Griffin, Stuart Miller and the Lennar Foundation, Robert Kraft and Bruce Rockowitz.

Sponsors Sprint, Popular, Walmart, American Airlines and Bloomberg Philanthropies underwrote the costs of the Miami Marlins Park event, so that 100% of proceeds received from the public through the benefit concert, telethon and other fundraising means will be distributed to the designated beneficiaries and others working on relief efforts in the affected areas.

Denver! Do you want to win passes to see the new thriller THE SNOWMAN? Here is your chance!

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In Theaters October 20

Genre: Thriller

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson

Screenplay by: Hossein Amini and Peter Straughan

Based on the Novel by: Jo Nesbø

Rated: This film has not been rated yet.

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg with Val Kilmer and J.K. Simmons


Michael Fassbender (X-Men series), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Independence Day: Resurgence), Val Kilmer (Heat) and Academy Award® winner J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) star in The Snowman, a terrifying thriller from director Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One InTinker Tailor Soldier Spy), based on Jo Nesbø’s global bestseller.

When an elite crime squad’s lead detective (Fassbender) investigates the disappearance of a victim on the first snow of winter, he fears an elusive serial killer may be active again.  With the help of a brilliant recruit (Ferguson), the cop must connect decades-old cold cases to the brutal new one if he hopes to outwit this unthinkable evil before the next snowfall.


The Snowman is produced by Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner (The Theory of EverythingLes Misérables), as well as Piodor Gustafsson (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Robyn Slovo (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

A Working Title Production—in association with Another Park Film—the thriller is executive produced by Nesbø, Niclas Salomonsson, Martin Scorsese, Alfredson, Liza Chasin and Amelia Granger.

The film was shot entirely on location in Norway in the cities of Oslo and Bergen and the area of Rjukan.


THE SNOWMAN Official Channels:

Hashtag: #TheSnowman

Facebook: @TheSnowmanMovie

Twitter: @TheSnowmanMovie




Do you want to win passes to see the new thriller THE SNOWMAN? There will be a screening in Denver on Wednesday, October 18. Just click the link to enter to win. Entry deadline is 10/16. Winners will be notified on 10/17. THE SNOWMAN opens everywhere on October 20!


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Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton

Directed by:

Christopher Landon

Written by:

Scott Lobdell

Produced by:

Jason Blum

Executive Producers:

Angela Mancuso, John Baldecchi, Couper Samuelson, Jeanette Volturno, Seth William Meier


Blumhouse (Split, Get Out, Whiplash) produces an original and inventive rewinding thriller in Happy Death Day, in which a college student (Jessica Rothe, La La Land) relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and terrifying end until she discovers her killer’s identity.

Happy Death Day is directed by Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) and written by Scott Lobdell.

Los Angeles

50 Gofobo Tickets (admit 2)

Edwards South Gate

8630 Garfield Ave. South Gate, CA 90280


Hey Denver here is your chance to see “HAPPY DEATH DAY”


Enter to win an admit two passes in here  to see an advance screening of HAPPY DEATH DAY on Tuesday, October 10 at 7pm in Denver! Entry Deadline is Sunday, October 8 and winners will be notified via email by EOD on Monday, October 9.


In Theaters October 13


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In Theaters October 13


Genre: Thriller

Directed by: Christopher Landon

Writers:  Scott Lobdell and Christopher Landon

Rated: PG-13 for violence/terror, crude sexual content, language, some drug material and partial nudity.

Cast: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton

Blumhouse (Split, Get Out, Whiplash) produces an original and inventive rewinding thriller in Happy Death Day, in which a college student (Jessica Rothe, La La Land) relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and terrifying end until she discovers her killer’s identity.

Happy Death Day is directed by Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) and written by Scott Lobdell and Landon.

HAPPY DEATH DAY Official Channels:

Hashtag: #HappyDeathDay

Facebook: @HappyDeathDayMovie

Twitter: @UniversalHorror

Instagram: @HappyDeathDayMovie



NUEVO! Google anuncia Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Pixelbook y mas


El mejor hardware, software e inteligencia artificial reunidas

Google presentó su segunda generación de la familia de productos de hardware para el consumidor, todo hecho por Google: nuevos teléfonos Pixel, Google Home Mini y Max, una nueva Pixelbook, una cámara manos libres llamada Google Clips, Google Pixel Buds y un visor Daydream View actualizado. Vemos un tremendo potencial para que los dispositivos sean útiles, fáciles de usar y mejoren con el tiempo cuando se crean en la intersección del hardware, software e inteligencia artificial (IA) avanzada.

¿Por qué Google?

Hoy en día existen muchos dispositivos, especialmente los smartphones…

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In a superhero origin tale unlike any other, the film is the incredible true story of what inspired Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston to create the iconic Wonder Woman character in the 1940’s. While Marston’s feminist superhero was criticized by censors for her ‘sexual perversity’, he was keeping a secret that could have destroyed him. Marston’s muses for the Wonder Woman character were his wife Elizabeth Marston and their lover Olive Byrne, two empowered women who defied convention: working with Marston on human behavior research — while building a hidden life with him that rivaled the greatest of superhero disguises

Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton
Directed By
Angela Robinson
Produced By
Amy Redford, Terry Leonard

Ever wonder? Learn the true story behind an iconic character at an advance screening of PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN! Follow this link: for your chance to download an admit-two pass to see the film on Monday, October 9 in Denver! Seating in the theatre is first-come, first-serve and is not guaranteed. Please arrive early! PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN opens everywhere October 13.

Ozuna anucia su nueva gira #OzunaSocietyTour and you can get your tickets earlier for his presentation at Bellco Theater in Denver

CMN Events Presents
Ozuna: Odisea Society Tour
December 1, 2017
8:00 PM
Exclusive Venue Presale
October 5, 10am – October 6, 9:59am
Tickets onsale to the general public on October 6 at 10am.
Tickets onsale soon at
Follow Bellco Theater on Twitter and Facebook for presale info, show announcements and more.
Elite Media & Marketing (EMM), uno de los principales productores de conciertos en Estados Unidos y América Latina, anuncia la nueva gira del fenómeno musical latino Ozuna. “Odisea Society US Tour 2017” comienza el 18 de noviembre y llegará a 13 ciudades de EE.UU. incluyendo Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, El Paso, Denver, Dallas, San Jose, Orlando, Miami, New York y Mashantucket, CT. Los boletos salen a la venta para cada ciudad en diferentes fechas. Vea los enlaces de compra de boletos abajo. Entra a para fechas ciudades e información para comprar boletos.
#OdiseaSociety US Tour 2017 es una versión más grande y mejor del #OdiseaWorldTour de Ozuna que concluyó con gran éxito, récords de taquillas y que viajó por el mundo. Ofreciendo recintos más grandes, una nueva producción y artistas invitados en cada ciudad, #OdiseaSociety será la gira del año. “¡No te la puedes perder!
#OdiseaSociety US Tour 2017
Fecha                    Ciudad                     Localidad                            Boletos
18 Noviembre       Boston MA               Agannis Arena          Ozuna_Tickets_Boston
19 Noviembre   Washington DC             The Anthem            Ozuna_Tickets_DC
22 Noviembre   Chicago IL                   Allstate Arena            Ozuna_Tickets_Chicago
24 Noviembre   Los Angeles CA           The Forum                 Ozuna_Tickets_LA
25 Noviembre   Houston TX          Smart Financial Center      Ozuna_Tickets_Houston
30 Noviembre   El Paso TV                  El Paso Coliseum          Ozuna_Tickets_ElPaso
1 Diciembre        Denver CO                Bellco Theater             Ozuna_Tickets_Denver
2 Diciembre        Dallas TX       Mesquite Rodeo Event Center   Ozuna_Tickets_Dallas
3 Diciembre        San Jose CA              SAP Center                   Ozuna_Tickets_SanJose
14 Diciembre     Orlando FL                Amway Center             Ozuna_Tickets_Orlando
15 Diciembre     Miami Fl             American Airlines Arena     Ozuna_Tickets_Miami
16 Diciembre     Newark NJ              Prudential Center           Ozuna_Tickets_NY
17 Diciembre     Mashantucket CT     Foxwoods              Ozuna_Tickets_Mashantucket
Preventa de boletos
Los boletos se pueden comprar en preventa para diferentes ciudades: el miércoles, 4 de octubre a las 10 AM para el concierto de Miami. El jueves 5 de octubre a las 10 AM para Boston, Chicago, Los Ángeles, Denver, Orlando y Nueva York.
Los boletos se pueden comprar desde el viernes 6 de octubre para Washington DC y Houston. Vea para la información de boletos en otras ciudades.
Ozuna se apodera de las listas de música
El primer álbum de Ozuna “Odisea” abrió en # 1 en la lista de álbumes latinos de Billboard y se ha mantenido # 1 durante 5 semanas consecutivas en ventas en Apple Music. Ozuna alcanzó una hazaña que nunca antes algún artista ha alcanzado en la historia: colocar 11 canciones al mismo tiempo en la Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart – Top 50, superando los récords póstumos de Juan Gabriel (10) y Joan Sebastian (9) . Demostrando que Ozuna no es sólo uno de los líderes en la música latina urbana sino un líder de música latina en todo el mundo.
Billboard Hot Latin Songs (23 de septiembre, 2017)
#4           Escapate Conmigo             Wisin Featuring Ozuna
#10        Ahora Dice     Chris Jeday Presenta J Balvin, Ozuna & Arcangel
#12         Tu Foto                             Ozuna
#18         La Rompe Corazones        Daddy Yankee X Ozuna
#22         Que Va                              Alex Sensation + Ozuna
#23         Criminal                            Natti Natasha x Ozuna
#27         El Farsante                        Ozuna
#31         Bebe                                 Ozuna x Anuel AA
#36         Sobredosis                       Romeo Santos Featuring Ozuna
#41         No Quiere Enamorarse     Ozuna Featuring Daddy Yankee
#47        Se Preparó                        Ozuna
Más sobre Ozuna
Jan Carlos Ozuna nació en San Juan, Puerto Rico, hijo de madre puertorriqueña y padre dominicano. Su objetivo es escribir canciones positivas y estimulantes para animar a sus seguidores a luchar por sus sueños. A muy temprana edad desarrolló una gran pasión por el género de música urbana y desde los 12 años comenzó a escribir canciones, creando su música independientemente. Siendo un millennial, Ozuna comenzó a publicar canciones en YouTube. En el 2015, “Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere” y “No Quiere Enamorarse” se convirtieron en éxitos virales con más de 150 millones de reproducciones en YouTube. Solicitadas por sus fans, las canciones también entraron a la radio en América Latina, Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos. En marzo de 2016, lanzó un remix de “No Quiere Enamorarse” con la superestrella urbana Daddy Yankee, que inmediatamente generó millones de visitas en la plataforma YouTube. Su éxito también llegó a Billboard, con su colaboración en el primer tema trap latino que entra en este listado, “La Ocasión”. Durante su corta carrera, el joven cantautor ya ha colaborado con varios artistas del género urbano, incluyendo tanto a los grandes exponentes como a los líderes de la nueva generación. En ese mismo año, comenzó a cantar en conciertos masivos y se ha convertido en un ídolo entre la generación millennial. Ozuna cerró el 2016 con más de 250 conciertos vendidos incluyendo Norteamérica, Europa, Medio Oriente, América Latina y el Caribe. En el verano de 2017 llevó su primera gira oficial de conciertos, la “Odisea World Tour” a 25 ciudades de los Estados Unidos y a varios países en Europa. Considerado un fenómeno de las redes sociales, Ozuna, al mes de julio de 2017, cuenta con más de 5.3 millones de suscriptores en YouTube sobre 7.2 millones de seguidores entre sus cuentas de Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. Al momento, Ozuna es el único artista independiente en la música urbana que ha logrado posicionar cinco temas simultáneamente en el Top Ten de Apple Music. Tras los logros alcanzados como artista independiente, Ozuna llamó la atención de la industria musical internacional. En el 2017, su disquera independiente VP Entertainment/Dímelo Vi firma un contrato de distribución con Sony Music Latin, siendo su primer proyecto el lanzamiento de la producción discográfica de Ozuna, titulada ODISEA. En junio del mismo año, Ozuna recibió el galardón “Artista Revelación del Año” en Premios Juventud de la cadena Univisión, validando que es el fenómeno musical de la nueva generación y un ícono estelar que apela a un público de todas las edades. La misión de Ozuna es utilizar la música una vía para ayudar a niños de escasos recursos. Con este propósito creó una organización sin fines de lucro llamada Odisea Children, mediante la cual se propone ayudar a que niños y jóvenes tengan acceso a las facilidades e infraestructuras adecuadas para estudiar, practicar deportes, desarrollar sus talentos y lograr un futuro mejor.
Para mas información sobre #OdiseaSociety US Tour 2017 vea
Sigue a Ozuna en las redes sociales en YouTube, @OzunaPR en Instagram y Twitter.
# # #
Sobret EMM:
Con oficinas en Miami, FL; Elite Media & Marketing (EMM) es uno de los productores más importantes del mundo de conciertos en los EE.UU. y América Latina. La compañía produce eventos musicales de alto perfil con los artistas de la música latina más importantes.
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Hey Denver here is you chance to see “THE FOREIGNER” before hits theaters!

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The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, is a timely action thriller from the director of “Casino Royale.”

The film tells the story of humble London businessman Quan (Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love — his teenage daughter — is taken from him in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism.

In his relentless search for the identity of the terrorists, Quan is forced into a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official (Brosnan), whose own past may hold clues to the identities of the elusive killers.

You and a guest are invited to an advance screening of THE FOREIGNER! Follow this link: or your chance to download an admit-two pass to see the film on Monday, October 9 in Denver! Seating in the theatre is first-come, first-serve and is not guaranteed. Please arrive early! THE FOREIGNER opens everywhere October 13.